Intense relief and impressive landscapes

Tzoumerka, all white in most months of the year, with its intense relief and impressive landscapes, but also the special nature – which has contributed to this piece of land its own miracle – invite the visitor to explore and get to know every corner of this place. The harmonious coexistence of the structured with the natural environment makes the area of Tzoumerka to have a completely own personality. This harmony combined with the knowledge of the history of the place, can be a source of inspiration for the visitor.

Are you ready to enjoy the beauty of mainland nature?

In Tzoumerka the mountains are for strong legs. Their routes are not walks but the beauty of their landscapes is unattainable. Cut off from the world and frequent visits, surrounded by the towering and steep peaks of South Pindos it is a place that challenges you to walk and get to know it. Do not miss the opportunity.



Did you know that Anemotrypa Cave has three levels, of which the first and oldest has collapsed?


The 23 villages

Together with Katsanochoria, a total of 23 villages have a population of 7,059 inhabitants (according to the 2001 census).


The weather conditions

The climate of the region is characterized as transitional, from Mediterranean to temperate, maintaining characteristics of the Mediterranean type.


Protected species

Tzoumerka is home to rare species of animals. As a result, parts of the area belong to the Natura 2000 network.